Blogging in Scientific Format


Self taught traveler and photographer with not much of a home base. Use of different mediums with a drone and mirrorless camera of cityscapes, landscapes, architecture, nature,  and life and culture. Available for work as a photographer, blogger, influencer, events and social media campaigns.

This travel blog will highlight the adventures of myself throughout the world. I will be presenting each post to you, where possible, in scientific format:


Excerpt styled brief to highlight the contents of the post..

This will state the goals and major theme of the post.

Relevant background information on the topic.

Any gear or items used & an outline of what was done.

Photos, videos, and findings related to the goals.

Summary of events and reflection of the post.

This style of writing will be unique to my blog, where I will be breaking down the facts in a clean format in as to be informative.

Incorporating high-quality photos, recommending beneficial products and services, and recounting my experiences.  

I have already been traveling for over a year and have visited over 20 countries.




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